• Closed Loop Drilling Waste Management

    Our large fleets are available to haul off waste and deliver drying agents. Take advantage of Conveyabull's superior drying agents to safely and effectively stabilize your drilling & frac waste.

    Drying AgentsTransportation
  • Reserve Pit Removal

    Call us to remove reserve pits. Our integrated process will save time and money while maximizing safety.

    Pit Removal
  • Shooter Trucks

    Spill Containment Berms

    Build spill containment berms with 1 call, 1 truck, and 1 driver. Scoria Rock or Class 5 from Conveyabull's vast network of pits, delivered and precisely installed.

    See Berm Methods
  • Construction

    Your drilling waste management partner is also a leader in construction material delivery and installation. Conveyabull supplies gravel, scoria, rock, and sand. Loads can be dumped or applied via Shooter Truck directly on target.

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Oil & Gas Material Supply

Conveyabull is a Full Service, One-Stop material supplier for oil & gas operations, supplying material that is approved by state and federal agencies for Oil & Gas utilization. Conveyabull saves time, labor, and through superior equipment, superior materials, quality control procedures, and many years of experience. Conveyabull Dispatch strives to rapidly meet or exceed the expectations of our industry customers.

Dispatch: 701.566.7182



Our trucks are GPS-equipped, giving you real-time ETAs for your loads. Our Manageabull web service allows customers to login and view the status of their orders from anywhere with internet access.

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Pipeline Bedding

Our fleet of radio remote controlled Shooter Trucks deliver & install pipe bedding material the easy way. No more waiting for traditional equipment like excavators and backhoes to get the job done at a snail’s pace.

See Our Pipeline Methods

Drying Agents

Our numerous stockyards and capable fleet of trucks are ready to supply drying agents throughout Central and Western US. Our products include DRITEQ and Fusion and offer significant advantages and savings. Click below to learn more...

Drying Agents
Gravel Hauling

Sand and Gravel Transportation for Location & Facility Contruction

Conveyabull's expansive fleet is ensures you can get trucks where you need them, when you need them. Our extensive fleet includes side dumps, belly dumps, end dumps, end dump truck & pups.

We can provide material prices in addition to transport prices.

Heavy Hauling

Heavy Hauling

Conveyabull is the best choice for moving your equipment to the job site quickly and safely. With Conveyabull, you don't have to worry about scheduling.


Flatbed Service

Conveyabull brokers reliable truckers and leverages the Conveyabull Fleet to transport supplies throughout the Central and Western US. Conveyabull flatbeds transport oil field supplies and materials, for example DRITEQ super sacs (3.25 cubic yard bags of our wood-based drying agent).

Water Hauls

Water Hauling

Drilling & Production can take advantage of our elite water hauling service.

Crude Oil Hauls

Crude Oil Hauling

No pipeline, no problem. Conveyabull's crude oil trucks can transport your oil rapidly and cost effectively.

Frac Sand Hauls

Frac Sand Hauling

Use our Frac Sand hauling service to complete wells faster.


Drivers & Owner Operators

To become a member of our extensive team of transporters, email us at: dustin.e@conveyabull.com